Welcome to the ProActive Hotline, an anonymous reporting system for Ayala Corporation. In this page, you can choose the type of concern for which you wish to make a report. Descriptions and/or examples have been provided for each reporting category to help you classify your concern.

Report Category and Description

Conflict of Interest
Situations which may impair the objectivity of a person because of the possible incompatibility of the person’s self-interest and professional or public interest. (Examples: inappropriate relations or questionable transactions with clients or suppliers, misuse of client/company information)
Falsification of Documents
Counterfeiting, forging, falsifying or making fraudulent changes to any document. (Examples: Forgery, alteration, tampering)
Financial Reporting Concerns
Deliberate misstatements in recording and/or reporting business transactions or result of operations. (Examples: incorrect recording of financial transactions, irregularities in application of accounting standards, misleading reports)
Misconduct or Policy Violations
Acts that violate moral or civil law, code of ethics, company policies, and/or contractual agreements. (Examples: violation of code of ethics, control overrides, acting under false/insufficient authority)
Theft, Fraud or Misappropriation
Fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to one’s care but actually owned by the employer or someone else. (Examples: stealing, misappropriation of funds, false representation)