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Fraud and whistleblower hotline

ProActive Hotline is a reporting tool for user companies to report abuse, misconduct, fraud, and other issues within their organization.

Anonymous reporting process

ProActive does not require reporters or whistleblowers to identify themselves, but provides them with an option to do so. This choice gives whistleblowers peace of mind and assurance that their anonymity is protected.

Secured information handling

ProActive is objective, external to, and independent of the culture within the company. Its system uses secure private servers and the latest encryption technology from Trustwave, an American information security company with clients in 96 countries.

Web-based architecture

ProActive may be accessed online through your mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.

Report Ticketing and architecture

The hotline allows for reporters or whistleblowers to check on the status of reports through the system-generated report ticket.

User-friendly reporting analytics

ProActive can automatically generate reports for data analysis and management reporting.

How ProActive Hotline works?

Reporting incidents

Reporters can access the ProActive Hotline through:

  1. Your company's ProActive link,
  3. Search engines, using the keyword “ProActive Hotlline.”
  4. More...

Report recipient

When a whistleblower submits a report, a notification email is automatically sent to two company users who can access, investigate, and resolve the submitted report.