Welcome to the ProActive Hotline, an anonymous reporting system for ALI Group. In this page, you can choose the type of concern for which you wish to make a report. Descriptions and/or examples have been provided for each reporting category to help you classify your concern.
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Report Category and Description

Asset Misappropriation
Theft or fraudulent disbursement/ appropriation or misuse of funds or assets entrusted to the Employee's care, but owned by the employer or someone else in the organization.
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The state or circumstance occurs due to offering, soliciting, authorizing, or providing a bribe. Extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, cartels, embezzlement, money laundering, and other similar activities are examples of misuse of entrusted power or authority for personal gain activities. Other forms of corruption include bribery, kickbacks, bid-rigging, illegal gratuities, extortion, and conflicts of interest, as defined in the Company's Conflict of Interest Policy.
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Financial Reporting Fraud
Financial reporting fraud refers to deliberate misstatements in recording and reporting business transactions or the result of operations such as but not limited to incorrect recording of financial transactions, irregularities in the application of accounting standards, misleading reports, financial statement fraud, falsification, or tampering with financial records or reports.
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Misconduct or Policy Violations
Misconduct or policy violations refer to acts that violate moral or civil law, the Company's Code of Ethics including its Annex A (Chart of Offenses), policies of ALI/Subsidiary, contractual agreements, and falsification of non-financial documents.
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Retaliation Complaint
Retaliation complaints are those filed by a Whistleblower due to any undesirable action taken against them - and in direct response to Whistleblowing because they reported wrongdoing such as but not limited to job harassment, ostracism, the threat of termination, and threat to security.
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